I was always the dreamy girl


Never being a size S, instead of my wardrobe, my mind was constantly filled with dreams of flowing dresses rich in beautiful details. However, I did not know that I wanted to be a fashion designer until I started the University of Art and Design in Budapest 1993. This is where I fell in love with the process of creation itself


Being a bride is a pride


In my childhood I saw a photo about my grandparents' wedding: two people who had found each other and decided to celebrate their love with a traditional wedding ceremony. My grandmother's simple yet beautiful wedding gown has fascinated me ever since and inspired me to make other brides happy with astonishing dresses for their big day.


No plan B


I never really had an alternative plan besides being a creator of wonderful garments. I always knew I could succeed and I have done my very best to do so. Why would I do anything else if I had found the love of my life: designing dresses that tell stories with frills, tulle and pearls?


Inspired by the women in love


Instead of having one certain muse I work closely with women who are just about to get married: women who are in love. I design my collections based on their dreams, attitude and personality traits, and I translate these into daring or sometimes chaste cuttings, favored with eternal femininity.