My family

My parents, Márta Bolla and János Makány got married on 22 May 1965. One of my fondest childhood memory was looking at their wedding photos, they were beautiful. When I was a little girl we still had my mother's wedding gown's petticoat. I couldn't wait to put it on every year at the school's carnival.

My paternal grandmother

My paternal grandmother, Ilona Pintér. Perhaps she is the reason why I love blue-eyed, dark-haired look.


My grandfather, Antal Makány, whom I inheritedd my passion for creating pretty things. He had many talents, from crafting shoes for his family to making music instruments.


The little girl in the middle is my grandmother. Next to her are my great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother.

My great-grandmother from my mother's side

My great-grandmother from my mother's side with her first two grandchildren. My mother is on the right.

Béla Bolla grandfather
My grandparents from my father's side

Engagement photo of my grandparents from my father's side, Ilona Pintér and Antal Makány. Unfortunately, no photos were taken on their wedding.

My maternal grandparents

My maternal grandparents, Etelka Harangozó and Béla Bolla got married in 1944. No one had great wedding gowns in the middle of the war. Before my grandpa was drawn, he married my grandma.

With my mother
School breaks at my grandmother's farm

I spent school breaks at my grandmother's farm. I loved spending time with her. I always asked her to tell me tales and stories or read out to me.

With my father
Yeah, my hair was grown!

Yeah, my hair was grown! All kids had long hair but mine started to grow very late. I was really anxious that I will never have long hair.

My first dress

This is one of my first dresses that I can recall. Looking back, I don't think it was too pretty but it's an important memory.

Farm of my Makány grandmother in Kunszállás
In the Budapest zoo
My friends

When I was a kid I associated my grandmothers with their favorite things. This is how my maternal grandmother got the name „Björnis" after Bjorni, my cousin and my paternal grandmother was „Hunyis" after the her favorite pet, Hunyis the pig (on this photo).

Zsófi dog

Zsófi came to my 18th birthday. My father didn't want a pet inthe house. But they became best friends.

Néró dog

Officially Néró was a watchdog. He wasn't really into the mailman but really loved me.

Soma dog
Klári, Lola, Líra
Secondary School of Visual Arts
My debut collection
The book
Favorite clothes
At work